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A Twitter job search tool that hooks up to using locational & job specific queries.

Please tweet me @tomwebdev with any feedback :)


twitjobseek was created to help job seekers in any industry, anywhere, to find new career opportunities through Twitter.

There are a number of limitations with a regular Twitter search, especially when used for job hunting. twitjobseek addresses many of these by forming queries based on geo locational and 'job' related key words.

It's not perfect, but in most cases a higher number or more relevant tweets are found when using this tool. Searching for 'Designer' and 'Nottingham' on 15/01/14 for example produced 9 meaningful results compared to 1 result from the regular Twitter Search as shown below.

twitter job search example

Hints & Tips

  • If your job title has variations, try multiple searches. For example a 'developer' may also want to search for 'dev'
  • Try starting with a broad search using only one or two key words as a job title. The search will match these words found anywhere (unconnected) in the tweet
  • If you want to find job related tweets from anywhere in the world, just leave the location box blank
  • Enclose your search in quotes for an exact phrase match
  • This site usually finds more relevant tweets than a regular Twitter search... but you still might want to compare to be sure
  • Make sure to select the location from the places drop down so correct geolocation can be used




  • 'freelance' based job searches usually return more results with the 'job' checkbox deselected
  • If you are browsing from a mobile device, Twitter will display limited Tweets as it does not give you the 'all' option. Desktop searching will give you more results
  • Make sure to select the 'all' option on the Twitter Search listing for a comprehensive list of relevant tweets
  • You can save your searches for quick access. When signed into Twitter, click the gear icon to save a search. Next time you click in the search box, a list of recent search queries will appear
  • In addition to searching the tweet content, a Twitter search will match words found in the Twitter handle, name and embedded URLs

twitjobseek FAQs

Will twitjobseek find all job related tweets?

Some tweets may not be picked up by this tool. For example, tweets may not have the job title or 'job' related key words in them. Tweets that don't specify the job location, or don't have the location in the bio may also be missed.

Deselecting the 'job specific match' option however can return a greater number of tweets, but these will often be less relevant.

How does twitjobseek compare to a regular Twitter search for jobs?

With hundreds of comparisons tested so far, this tool almost always finds a higher number of relevant job based tweets. Checkout the about page to see an example.

What's wrong Twitter Search?

A number of things, especially for specific searches like job hunting. Limitations include not matching plurals, not using synonyms and lack of locational/geo search. I've blogged about this in more detail here

What if I use 'near' in a Twitter Search?

Using 'near' in a Twitter search will also return tweets if that location is used in the bio and geotagged tweets. twitjobseek however uses the 'geocode' command with specific longitude and latitude values based on a selected location. This is more accurate and will pick up more locations within the selected radius.

Can this tool be used for anything other than job searches?

Yes. Just deselect the 'job specific match' from other options and search for whatever you want.

How does twitjobseek compare to other tools?

There doesn't seem to be any other specific Twitter Job Search tools out there. Somewhere in June 2013, Twitter changed how they required developers to use their API and as a result, many Twitter based tools shut down.